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Ruthy B From TH Taylor

We have tall gorgeous red head beauty Ruthy shot by top fashion photographer and creative mind T.H. Taylor. Taylor is well known for his unique editing and photo taking and this series of Ruthy is no different. Ruthy is a beautiful tall redhead with a never ending figure and good looks. Check out these sample photos.


Ruthy busty redhead


Ruthy B

Ruthy B

Sexy Redhead Nude Outdoors

Gorgeous tall redhead babe Virginia is a US beauty enjoying the outdoors here on a sunny warm day. Virginia is not a pro model but she definitely looks like one with those long legs. She does do web camming though so she does has some experience behind the camera 😉

Check out that smile and sexy figure!

redhead babe

Virginia’s beautiful smile

Sexy redhead topless outdoors

Virginia topless outdoors